Neil Peart (Rush) – Dystopian Poet


An outstanding song from Rush’s career peak period. As lyricist Neil Peart explains, the song takes place in a dystopian future where cars are illegal. The narrator visits his aged uncle in the countryside who has been hiding a sports car in his barn, and the two take an exhilarating ride in the mountains.
I strip away the old debris
That hides a shining car
A brilliant red Barchetta
From a better vanished time
I fire up the willing engine
Responding with a roar
Tires spitting gravel
I commit my weekly crime
Drive like the wind
Straining the limits of machine and man
Laughing out loud with fear and hope
I’ve got a desperate plan
At the one-lane bridge
I leave the giants stranded at the riverside
Race back to the farm
To dream with my uncle at the fireside